Network Engineering/System Operations


Industry-standard exterior and interior scanning of your network to find and address weaknesses.

Automated Security Scanning Services

Networks and technologies grow and evolve on a daily basis, and threats from the outside world adapt accordingly. SineWave's automated security scanning service—which can be installed inside your network, or reach your organization over the public Internet—conducts comprehensive penetration testing of every known vulnerability.

Completing a scan is only part of the process. SineWave's experienced team produces a customized report that details all of the findings from the scan, along with recommendations for changes to harden your entire IT infrastructure. We advise recurring scans with continuous vigilance from our team and yours.

Vulnerability Remediation Support

Most organizations don't have the time or the resources to resolve security problems. SineWave's engineers are available to your IT staff to assist in determining the best resolution for any vulnerability uncovered in our scans. This may involve configuration changes, firewall updates, patch management, and/or network redesign. Cybersecurity threats are continuing to evolve and hackers are becoming more obsessed than ever with stealing data. Don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at SineWave Technologies to secure your IT systems.