Project Implementation


Innovative, robust system designs and painstaking project execution

IT Architects

You wouldn't design a house without hiring an architect, but many IT projects begin without a clear plan created by qualified experts. SineWave's operations team draws upon decades of industry experience designing, building, and maintaining highly reliable systems. Whether you need just one server or a floor-sized footprint of gear, we treat your equipment and business needs with the utmost intensity. SineWave maintains the highest possible commitment to quality.

High-Availability & Redundant Builds

This is the touchstone of modern systems engineering: ensure reliability by eliminating single-points of failure. Our engineering team works to determine your uptime requirements and plans our designs accordingly, providing multiple network paths, concurrent power sources, coordinated excess capacity, and, where appropriate, full auxiliary builds. Whether you need to plan for a disaster recovery scenario or establish service level agreements with customers, SineWave can help. Contact us today.

Extensive Documentation

Writing and maintaining an accurate project plan is like flossing: everybody knows they should do it, but most people never do. At SineWave, we feel the planning phase is just as important as execution. Part of our deliverable on any implementation is the supporting documentation and rationale; your understanding and approval of that material is essential to moving forward. We stand by our commitment to not only perform the highest quality work, but to throughly explain our designs and record our actions.

As a customer of SineWave Technologies, you receive access to our comprehensive support portal. We maintain all your records, documentation, operating procedures, regulatory materials, and project plans in one integrated website. This includes an issue tracking system for requesting changes and a full, editable wiki that allows you to contribute. Everything you need to know to coordinate with SineWave is here online. Already a customer? Create a new account today!