Network Engineering/System Operations


Full management of all your network and system needs, for any major OS, software, or hardware platform

Network Engineering

Bonding, failover, IP chains, routing, bridging, and port mapping—these are all techniques and technologies our engineers use every day to build and maintain fast, highly reliable networks for your data and voice traffic. Our team has decades of experience with Layer 3/4 switching technologies, plus core network protocols like BGP. We have experts in every major hardware platform, interface standard and operating system. When you need traffic blended between multiple host providers, routed through backplanes, shaped to share load between applications, or just need those details managed so you can focus on your core business, call SineWave Technologies.

System Operations

Each system in a modern IT infrastructure has its own unique features, capacities, weaknesses, and interface. SineWave's Engineering team can install, configure, and troubleshoot your hardware and software thanks to our decades of industry experience. If you're not certain about the best practices for security, patch application, upgrade paths, or data migration, call on the experts at SineWave Technologies.