Managed Services


Expert support, maintenance, documentation, and emergency response for all your IT infrastructure needs

Unmatched Expertise

Whether you have inherited a complex IT infrastructure from an acquisition or through rapid corporate growth, or if you just need additional help managing the incredible details of modern technology systems, SineWave is here to help. Our engineers routinely assess, upgrade, and reconfigure everything from servers to routers to third-party software applications. With SineWave Managed Services, our expert staff keeps your systems up and running, responds to key changes, predicts and prevents issues before they occur, and responds to emergency issues. Contact us to set up an initial consultation.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Software patches, upgrade paths, configuration changes, internal documentation, preventative maintenance, and scheduled reliability testing—these are the components of SineWave's core business. Let our engineers manage your essential IT infrastructure. We respond to escalated internal support requests 24x7x365 and constantly work to ensure the security and reliability of your systems.

Guaranteed Emergency Response Times

Every business shares this fear: knowing who to call for emergency help but not being able to reach them. SineWave's round-the-clock engineering staff provides guaranteed response times for your mission critical IT infrastructure. If you're tired of IT resources that respond in days or weeks instead of hours, contact SineWave to see if our Managed Services offering is right for you.