Managed Monitoring


24x7x365, multi-point, continous healthcheck analysis of your IT systems

The Fallacy of Self-Monitoring

Businesses sometimes assume that if there is a problem with their IT systems, they will automatically find out as soon as anyone else does. However, infrastructure that monitors itself is inherently unreliable. Regular inspections must be conducted by independent third-parties. High-availability systems must be continuously monitored from multiple points, both internal and external. SineWave's complete Managed Monitoring solution ensures you will often find out about problems before your customers do.

Any Device, Any Metric

Other monitoring solutions just inform you whether or not your whole infrastructure is responsive. But SineWave's Managed Monitoring service can be tuned to analyze every port, every server, and every piece of network hardware within your infrastructure. We can check available memory and storage space to predict potential resource droughts, report on spikes in traffic, latency, or processor utilization, and even warn you if an intrusion is detected. Choose SineWave for all your monitoring needs.

Multi-Point Monitoring

SineWave's monitoring infrastructure spans multiple datacenters across disparate network carriers in distinct geographic locations. Not only does this design ensure our data is accurate and resistant to random traffic fluctuations, but it demonstrates our skill in building and managing multi-point monitoring networks. If you also need internal monitoring due to security or compliance requirements, we can extend our monitoring infrastructure to coordinate with devices inside your corporate network. This hybrid solution provides the ultimate monitoring service for clients who need complete system health data on a 24x7x365 basis.

Customer Control Panel

In addition to alert messages delivered by phone, mobile text message, or email, SineWave's Managed Monitoring clients receive access to a personalized control panel detailing the status, history, and configuration of their monitoring build. You can log into this at any time to review your system status, which assists with troubleshooting, development, and future planning.

Managed Monitoring + Managed Services

SineWave's joint offering of services and monitoring enable our clients to have the confidence that their systems are being expertly watched and analyzed on a 24x7x365 basis and that if an issue does occur SineWave's top engineering team will respond promptly to resolve the problem. Combining these services allows you to focus on your core business while SineWave monitors and maintains your IT infrastructure for the benefit of your enterprise and your customers. Contact us today for more information.