Managed Colocation


Datacenter-neutral assessment, placement, and management of your mission-critical infrastructure

SineWave is Datacenter-Neutral

Many IT consulting firms will push to place your hardware in their preferred datacenter. At SineWave, we feel the customer's unique needs are far more important. Our clients are spread across multiple locations, and our network operations team maintains an active presence in several major datacenters. Your infrastructure and your business needs are too important to be forced into the wrong location. Choose SineWave to manage your colocation when you want the environment that is best for you.

System Build and Installation

Establishing or extending a footprint in a colocated facility isn't like plugging in a desk lamp. Hardware and software should be fully tested and configured in a lab environment to confirm that third-party components operate within expected parameters before all components are mounted and locked down into the destination environment. SineWave can receive your equipment orders directly at our lab facility and conduct all setup and confirmation steps before final installation.

Even a highly reliable build must be installed with care and forethought. SineWave provides a complete, groomed build for your mounted equipment, which includes full labeling, color-coding, and in-cabinet documentation. This not only ensures your infrastructure is easily accessed during on-site maintenance, but that it is visually appealing for walkthroughs and inspections. Future expansions and upgrades benefit tremendously when the original install is meticulous and clean.