Products and Services


Datacenter, infrastructure, and development consulting, plus managed monitoring, services, and colocation

Managed Services

Mission-critical IT systems should be managed by a professional, experienced engineering team. SineWave's Managed Services offering provides clients with a customized package for ongoing support, maintenance, and emergency response for virtually any hardware or software platform.

Managed Monitoring

A network cannot reliably monitor itself, because you can't receive an alarm message from a network experiencing an outage! SineWave's advanced Managed Monitoring platform automatically analyzes the status of practically any metric, application, or system on a 24x7x365 basis. When coupled with Managed Services, SineWave engineers can often be notified of a problem and resolve the issue before you—or your customers—discover anything wrong.

Project Implementation

Whether you need a network analysis, platform evaluation, security audit, or assistance in product or service development, SineWave's engineering team can deliver. Our expertise in end-to-end Project Implementation ensures that clients receive the best solution, on time and within their budget.

Managed Colocation

Need to purchase, install, or relocate hardware? SineWave is a datacenter-neutral service provider. Our clients own equipment in over a dozen regional facilities. We will place you in the best environment for your needs, whether at SineWave's own network operations center or anywhere else.

Network Operations

Our network engineering specialists handle everything from simple routing to complex, multi-carrier traffic blending and shaping. We build in active/passive failover designs using high-availability fabric. Need networking expertise? Consider SineWave's Network Operations services.

Security and Vulnerability Scanning

Need to protect against hackers, data breaches, and viruses? SineWave offers comprehensive security scanning and remediation services. In addition to detailed reports, our highly-skilled engineering team can help you resolve problems and lock down your systems.

Cloud Migration Services

Need to move data, systems, or applications to or from the cloud? Want to build a private or hybrid cloud? Learn more about SineWave's Cloud Migration Services.