Building relationships one handshake at a time

Building Relationships for Long Haul

Relationships are the central focus of the SineWave sales team. We build long-term partnerships by earning trust and respect. Our sales philosophy, like the lifecycle of IT infrastructure, is measured in decades, not days. Whether your needs are large or small, immediate or long-term, SineWave wants to hear from you.

Statements of Work

IT systems services are complex, and the industry standard practice for outlining a project is to present a document called a Statement of Work. This deliverable defines the nature, goals, scope, schedule, and costs associated with a proposed effort. SineWave prides itself on crafting each Statement of Work (SoW) individually, to ensure that clients can engage in a project with minimal risks.

The Sales Cycle

Technology is complex, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. SineWave is equally serious in every step, from initial analysis to project execution. An overview of our methodology follows:

  1. Analysis and Discovery - SineWave reviews existing systems and client objectives to ensure sufficient understanding of project challenges and opportunities.
  2. Work Specifications - The client and SineWave work collaboratively to develop an initial specification to outline the work to be performed.
  3. Statement of Work - SineWave responds with one or more Statement of Work (SoW), which includes description of services provided, estimated level of effort, and proposed terms and conditions.
  4. SoW Approval - Client reviews and approves the Statement of Work. Work begins according to the terms in that document.
  5. SoW Completion - Work is completed. The client confirms it meets the standard of quality laid out in the aforementioned documents.

Contact the Team

SineWave's sales department can help identify best-fit solutions for your enterprise. Whether you need a network evaluation, new equipment installation, or just a referral, we are happy to help. For more information, contact us anytime.