Emerging Technology


Analyzing today's latest trends to advise and build your future

SineWave and Innovation

The team at SineWave Technologies constantly reviews the latest industry news for announcements of new ideas, products, and services that can benefit the enterprise. As technology continues to grow and change, SineWave's engineering team adapts and provides improved recommendations to our clients. When new technologies are ready for the customer and right for the project, we pursue, test, and implement. SineWave seeks to provide you with the best solution, which is sometimes the latest available technology.

AI and Big Data

"Computers that think" sounds like science fiction. But as computing power increases and new algorthims become more powerful, machine learning systems are becoming essential to successful businesses. These rely on enormous information warehouses to use as training data. The era of Big Data is here, and SineWave can help you embrace it.


Few movements have swept the IT world with more energy than virtualization. The concept dates back to the earliest days of computer technology. Virtualization is a form of machine emulation, or fully simulating the functions of one complete computer within the confines of another, larger computer. Thanks to the continued increases in computer speed, storage, and software innovations, multiple "virtual machine instances" can coexist on a single, powerful server. This expands the capacity of IT infrastructure dramatically because the notion of a self-contained piece of hardware is no longer confined to a physical space.

SineWave provides virtualization services to many existing clients. These projects reduce costs and increase capacities, demonstrating SineWave's continued commitment to innovation.