Open Source


The future of software is freedom

The Power of Freedom Zero

Technology enthusiasts find solace and hope in a belief called "Freedom Zero", the right to run any software application for any purpose. At SineWave, we feel this freedom enables us to benefit our customers with the right software solution for the problem at hand. We strive to support any application that benefits our clients.

Challenges of Closed Source

Much of the software in the world is proprietary or "closed-source." This is software that does not meet the tenets of Freedom Zero because the creator of the system has the right to dictate how it is used. Some vendors do not support or allow their software to be run in particular environments because it does not benefit their business model. Balancing the needs of our clients versus the restrictions of third-party vendors is always a delicate problem, and one where SineWave will make every effort to ensure the solution is the best one available.

Like all applications, proprietary software has source code, but the right to view, modify, and extend that source code is controlled by the creator. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is small modifications to an existing, working system. This is not usually possible with closed source due to practical and legal restrictions. Those systems cannot be extended beyond the range defined by their authors.

Promise of Open Source

SineWave deploys open source solutions, notably the Linux operating system and supporting server packages like Apache, BIND, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and PostGreSQL, to client environments wherever possible. These tools come free of a license cost but imbued with the opportunity to modify, improve, and extend their capacity. Open source is open for business.