From carrier-grade hardware to custom, scalable software solutions, SineWave knows infrastructure technology

Top 10 Network Backbone

SineWave engineers built and maintained one the Internet's most powerful cores, flowing gigabytes of traffic among tens of thousands of geographically disparate nodes. Designing a system of this magnitude not only requires knowledge of advanced technologies but an obsession with quality, reliability, and security. This backbone project exceeded industry standard metrics for uptime and load capacity and responded effectively during planned stress tests and unexpected network spikes. If you want engineers who can handle your project, choose those who have proven themselves in some of the most difficult environments. Choose SineWave today.

Managing Rapid Growth

Growth is good for business, but if not properly managed, new customers can overwhelm your sales channels, inventory management, and service centers. Clients who are scrambling to cover day-to-day business tasks are frequently unequipped to handle increased IT needs. SineWave is ready to help your business grow to meet demand.