About SineWave


The experienced, innovative, and professional IT partner

Mission and Philosophy

SineWave Technologies believes that positive long-term relationships are the foundation of good business. Through hundreds of successful projects, our team has established a reputation for quality, commitment, and service. Learn more about the SineWave Principles.

Industry Experience

The details of technology change quickly, but the wisdom of experience takes decades to develop. Our specialized engineering team has worked with the Internet and information technology since the 1970s. We continue to maintain active relationships major carriers, ISPs, consulting firms, and infrastructure vendors.

Open Source

We believe in Freedom Zero, the right to run any software application in any place for any purpose. The Open Source movement has transformed the IT landscape, and we continue to embrace it from Apache to Zimbra.


To SineWave, a successful business relationship is a partnership where all parties benefit in the short and long term. We work not only to be the among the best available IT services companies, but to partner only with the brightest potential clients. Contact us today to start a new relationship.